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Made For More:Wealth

Made For More:Wealth

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Sis how many times do you notice that your mood changes every time your bank account goes below a certain level? Do you notice that you catch yourself saying things like, " I live paycheck to paycheck, there is NEVER enough."

Sis have you ever prayed and fasted for money but nothing happened? You ever feel like it seems that God is overlooking you or even when you pray He doesn't see you?

Yea! See I have been there and thats why we are having this 6 Week Masterclass to help you go from prayer to positioning to walking in overflow. 

Imagine being a cup with the ability to hold water yet you aren't holding any. Yea thats many Christians right now. We have the ability to create wealth but we aren't.

Why? Because we do not know how to position ourself under the flow. Sis get in this course so you can now be positioned under the FLOW!

*all classes nonrefundable

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Chelsey Stout

Made For More:Wealth

Your Annointing oil is ammmmazzing!!!

Thank you so much!! My new oil has helped alot.

Received my anointing oil

I am excited to have the anointing oil. Can't wait to use