Sis Get UP!

Sis Get UP!

Sis we both know that the enemy tries to attack the mind. He tries to make us feel unworthy and like we are not good enough. See sis he doesn't want you to think that Phillipians 4:13 can actually work for you. 

Sis today I want you to wake up and realize that it's not about you doing all things through your strength. It is about you doing all things through CHRIST STRENGTH. 

So let us pray,

Father God right now I pray that my sister would be empowered to go after the dream You placed inside of her. Father remind her of who she is to you. God she may have come from a past of abandonment and brokenness, yet Your word declares that You take what the enemy means for evil and turn it for good. So I decree and declare You are taking all her broken pieces and making something beautiful.

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